Tree Removal

Whether we like it or not there is always a time when we must say farewell to our favorite trees. Trees can die, or simply get too big for your garden. Sometimes they cause damage to your home, underground pipes and surrounding plants. If that’s the case why not call our fully qualified and experienced staff. Along with many years experience, The South Jersey Tree Service use all the latest safety and rigging equipment to allow for the removal of even the most dangerous trees with ease, while making as little of an impact on your yard as possible. Utilizing only the latest techniques for tree removal we put your and your property safety first. No matter where your location is, whether is a school, hospital, public park, residential or commercial property. We’ll get your job done. Whether is a removal or tree trimming issue our expert staff can complete your tasks with ease. And if you wonder when you must seek expert council here is a small list of issues when a tree must be removed:

  • Tree death
  • Disease
  • Breakage
  • Lightning strike
  • New construction
  • Obstruction of power lines
  • Foundation problems
  • Undesirable tree